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The London Hypnotherapy Centre Hypnotherapy London, hypnotism and analytical hypnotherapy London

Keith Jones
D. Hyp, MIAPH, NLP (practitioner)

Now at the London Hypnotherapy Centre Clinical hypnotherapy, NLP and hypno-analysis by a qualified and experienced therapist. After training in hypnotherapy with the Hypnotherapy Control Board I qualified as a certified hypnotherapist and hypnoanalysist in 1993. I was then accepted into the International Association of Pure Hypnoanalysts in 1995. Since then I have operated from discrete and private consulting rooms in London. I work within a Code of Practice and Ethics of the highest professional standards.

Continuing my professional development I studied NLP with Richard Bandler one of the founders of NLP. I am also updating my knowledge constantly with hypnotherapy psychology and counselling courses and literature.

My service is professional, caring, and completely private and confidential. In a free initial consultation any aspect of the therapy and any questions you may have can be discussed with no obligation.

Hypnosis in a therapeutic setting is a very gentle and natural state. Hypnotism allows the therapist to assist with a wide variety of symptoms and conditions enabling often powerful changes to take place.    

Free consultation in confidence.



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From Skin Care to Weight Loss. From Public Speaking to Sports Performance
The benefits of hypnosis can be applied to a very wide range of issues. In any situation where anxiety becomes an issue hypnosis can help you to be calmer more confident and in control.

Discover how to Become a Non Smoker in just 1 hour
Surveys have shown that hypnotherapy is the best method to use for quitting tobacco. Look up those by the New Scientist, WHICH and the Institute of Actuaries. In studies of all the methods used to help people become non smokers hypnotherapy with a qualified and experienced therapist is the safest and most successful method to use.

Fears and Phobias
Anxiety based symptoms - the feeling of something within yourself but outside your control - respond especially well to hypno-analysis. Emetophobia - the fear of being sick or of others being sick around you is far more common than is often acknowledged but responds very well to a course of hypnoanalysis. Everything from an incident based aversion to a deep seated full blown phobia can be successfully treated with hypnosis.

How good could your life be without Social Anxiety
Blushing, sexual problems, lack of confidence and many more symptoms can severely affect your enjoyment oflife. Now you can do something positive about it.

Child Birth
Reduce stress and improve your experience of childbirth by feeling calmer and more in control before, during and after the birth. After a series of sessions and with the help of my specially and individually produced relaxation CDs feels more comfortable and controlled.

Children can blowaway those negative experiences and feelings and move on in a safe and supportive environment. Very effective in dealing with disruptive behavior, bed wetting, shyness, and similar problems without the necessity of being put on the spot. 

Please note that Keith has a current CRB check in order to treat children.

Click here for a list of symptoms and conditions successfully treated using hypnotherapy

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